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At the Natick Outdoor Store, we have all the products and equipment that can make you windproof, waterproof and sunproof. We can outfit you for any type of outdoor excursion that you can imagine. With our full line of outdoor products and accessories, we are your outfitter for anything from a backyard outing, a hike up Mount Washington, a fishing trip local or abroad, to a safari in Africa! Here at the Outdoor Store, we offer almost every kind of product you may need or want. If you’re going camping for a weekend with your family and friends, we can  
  supply you with tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, first aid kids and emergency space blankets. Looking for tick and mosquito repellent, waterproof matches, mosquito netting, waterproof rain gear, flashlights, headlamps, water bottles, machetes, topographic maps and compasses to guide you in and out of the woods, we have it. We carry a full line of external and internal frame backpacks, daypacks, sleeping bags and pads, stoves, lanterns, tents, multi-tools, cross-country skis, snow shoes, to safely and comfortably get you in and out of the woods.  
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Outdoor Playback Rollaway

$749.99 ON SALE


Playback Rollaway

$550.00 ON SALE


Yard Guard

$199.99 ON SALE


Dura-Tec 10 ft 4 in



Pungo 100



Guide 147




$1,399.99 ON SALE



$1,599.99 ON SALE



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